Merlene Outside the Track


Outside the track Merlene Ottey has also been very active. Together with her trainer and other people in Slovenia she has established a new company called TMG BMC Ltd. - specialising in the field of Tensiomyography (TMG). This is an innovative and new measuring method for the detection of contractile properties of skeletal muscles. Merlene Ottey will be working as a promoter of the company.

Merlene Ottey testing for TMG BMC Ltd.



Merlene gladly goes out to receptions and may also show up at other occasions outside of track and field to cast her grace on the event. She does this because she likes to chat with people and because she feels comfortable among ordinary people.

Merlene Ottey & Fanclub Administrator Jakob Nielsen during a reception after the 2000 edition of The Memorial Van Damme Golden Leauge Meeting in Brussels



With a bachelor degree from University of Nebraska secured back in 1984 Merlene has stated that her future probably lies in fashion. Although she has general skills in design she admits that her main interest is the catwalk.

Merlene Ottey: "Running fast is my passion, fashion my challenge for the future"



Else Merlene is often available to cast her grace on different events as can be seen below:

Merlene Ottey greeting Slovenian skier Jure Kosir
while advertising for Slovenia's bid to hold the 2006 Winter Olympics
(Dnevnik, 6 January 1999)

Merlene Ottey with race driver Johnny Herbert and Gianni Morbidelli 
at the 1997 Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix.


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