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2003 Season


Merlene Ottey
100 metre seasons best

Merlene Ottey
200 metre seasons best

11.22 sec. (no. 34 on 2003 world list) 22.89 sec. (no. 38 on 2003 world list)

Complete lists of Merlene Ottey's races in 2003

31 December 2003: Looking forward to 2004
On the final day of 2003 Merlene Ottey can start looking forward to the 2004 season. For the new season she hopes to make it to a record-breaking 7th participation at the Olympic Games in Athens. Explaining why she is still running in her 44th year, she has stated: "This is the easiest of all sports. All you have to do, is run, nothing else".

22 December 2003: World Rankings of 2003 - Merlene Ottey 13th
Looking back at 2003 Merlene Ottey can record the world's 34th fastest time over 100 metres (11.22 sec.) and 38th fastest time over 200 metres (22.89 sec.). Now being a Slovenian she is also featured as no. 11 and 13 on the European Top List for 2003.  

15 December 2003: World Rankings of 2003 - Merlene Ottey 13th
The final IAAF World Rankings of 2003 puts Merlene as no. 13 over 100 metres (1245 points) and no. 22 over 200 metres (1202 points). 

1 December 2003: Fanclub birthday
Today it has been four years since the Merlene Ottey Fanclub was founded. Still new members keep signing up for membership and almost 600 people world wide have joined since 1 December 1999.

15 November 2003: Complete list of Merlene Ottey's races in the 2003 season
To see a complete list of all Merlene Ottey's races in the 2003 season - click here!

29 October 2003: Election of Slovenian Female Athlete of the Year
AZS, the Slovenian Athletics Federation, has elected the Slovenian Athletes of 2003. In the female competition Merlene Ottey came third after Jolanda Čeplak and Helena Javornik. The full results is shown below (number of votes):
1. Jolanda Čeplak (VEL) 314
2. Helena Javornik (ZRE) 152
3. Merlene Ottey (MASS) 34
4. Tina Čarman (TRK) 21
5. Brigita Langerholz (TRK) 20
6. Alenka Bikar (OL) 10
6. Sonja Roman (MB 98) 10
8. Meta Mačus (GO) 5

15 October 2003: Merlene Ottey - candidate for Athens 2004
Slovenia has named it's candidates for the athletic team at the Olympic Games in Athens next year. Merlene Ottey is one of the pre-selected athletes along with Jolanda Čeplak, Maja Nose, Brigita Langerholc, Helena Javornik, Matic Osovnikar, Roman Kejžar, Boštjan Buč, Rožle Prezelj, Primož Kozmus, Miran Vodovnik.

5 September 2003: Third place in Bruxelles
In the 200 metre race at the Memorial van Damme meeting in Bruxelles Merlene Ottey ran 23.08 sec. - her fourth fastest 200 metre race of the season. Home favourite Kim Gevaert got the best start and led all the way with Ottey close behind. On the last metres Ottey lost ground to the Belgian and was also passed by Vida Anim. Though she held of the other women to finish third.

200 metre result (wind: 0.7):
1. Kim Gevaert (BEL): 22.72 sec.
2. Vida Anim (GHA): 22.90 PB
3. Merlene Ottey (SLO): 23.08 sec.
4. Joice Maduaka (GBR): 23.10 sec.
5. Cydonie Mothersill (CAY): 23.11 sec.
6. Karin Mayr-Krifka (AUT): 23.17 sec.
7. Lauren Hewitt (AUS): 23.22 sec.
8. Jenny Adams (USA): 23.51 sec. PB
9. Andrey Rochtus (BEL): 23.83 sec.


4 September 2003: Merlene Ottey runs in Bruxelles tomorrow
Merlene Ottey will be in Bruxelles tomorrow evening for her second appearance this year in the IAAF Golden League series. At the Memorial van Damme meeting on King Baudouin stadium in Bruxelles Merlene will contest the 200 metres, which will take place at 21.00.
More at:

3 September 2003: New IAAF world rankings
After the World Championships Merlene Ottey has established herself as no. 13 (100 metres) and no. 29 (200 metres) on the latest IAAF World Rankings

Also news today about the Kelli White case

21 August 2003: Special site for Merlene Ottey's participation in the World Champs
Merlene Ottey is now in Paris. Read all about her record-breaking 7th participation in the World Championships at
Follow all the news from the 9th IAAF World Championships - click here!  

20 August 2003: A fan's tribute to Merlene Ottey
With only 3 days to go before the 9th IAAF World Championships in Paris the Merlene Ottey Fanclub is proud to present the article "A fan's tribute to Merlene Ottey", written by fanclub member John Farrell from Ireland. 

12 August 2003: Welcome to the latest members of the Merlene Ottey Fanclub
A warm welcome to the latest 14 members, who joined the Merlene Ottey Fanclub since 1 July. See the list of all 523 fanclub members at:

9-10 August 2003: Slovenian Championships
Over the weekend the Slovenian Championships in athletics were held in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Merlene Ottey for the first time secured herself a Slovenian outdoor title by winning the 200 metres on Sunday in 22.89 sec. The time was a season's best for Merlene and was also under the A-time required to participate over this distance at the World Championships in Paris in less than two weeks. Merlene Ottey did not participate in the 100 metres on Saturday - that final was instead won by Saša Prokofjev in a new season's best for her (11.41 sec.). In the 4 x 100 metre relay (Saturday) Merlene Ottey teamed up with Bikar, Žumer and Nose to win an easy victory in 44.06 sec. - 0.14 sec. from the National Record set by the Slovenian team on 25 July 2003. These four girls will now represent Slovenia at the World Championships.

100 m:
1. Saša Prokofjev (Kro): 11,41 sec.
2. Kristina Žumer (Mass): 11,75 sec.
3. Maja Nose (Šen): 11,82 sec.
4. Marina Tomič (Kla): 12,17 sec.
200 m:
1. Merlene Ottey (Mass): 22,89 sec.
2. Maja Nose (Šen): 23,78 sec.
3. Kristina Žumer (Mass): 23,91 sec.
4. Marina Tomič (Kla): 24,58 sec.
4 x 100 metres:
1. Slovenia (last leg: Ottey): 44,06 sec.
2. G
orica1: 46,57 sec.
3. Kladivar: 47,82 sec.

6 August 2003: Up again for Merlene Ottey on the IAAF world rankings
Merlene Ottey keeps improving and moves up another 2 places on the latest IAAF World Rankings to settle at 15th over 100 metres. Her performance over 200 metres in Linz also makes her enter this ranking for the first time in 39th place. Merlene Ottey is just outside the Top 100 in the overall ranking, where the last athlete has 1249 points and Merlene 1241. The IAAF website states: "At age 43 Merlene Ottey is far from being burned out. The Jamaican-born sprinter now competing for Slovenia ran her usual 100m/200m double in Linz – which was the highest Category ("B") meet over the past week – and came away with a pair of second place finishes. In the 100m, Ottey finished in 11.28 (1227 points PS) and stepped up two places to 15th in the Event Ranking, while in the 200m the former world champion ran a season’s best of 22.98 (1234 points PS) and re-entered the Event Ranking in a modest 39th place."

IAAF World Rankings 100 metres
1. (1.) Marion JONES 75 USA 1380
2. (2.) Chandra STURRUP 71 BAH 1321
3. (3.) Zhanna BLOCK 72 UKR 1318
3. (3.) Tayna LAWRENCE 75 JAM 1318
5. (5.) Kelli WHITE 77 USA 1310
5. (5.) Chryste GAINES 70 USA 1310
15. (17.) Merlene OTTEY 60 SLO 1241

5 August 2003: Ottey fifth at DN Galan
Merlene Ottey finished in a fine fifth place at the in IAAF Super Grand Prix in Stockholm. The race was won by Christine Arron who begins to look like a hot tip for a medal at the World Championships on homeground in three weeks. Christine Arron made an Ottey-like strong finish and passed Torri Edwards, who got the best start, and Chryste Gaines on the last metres to take the win in 11.11 sec.

Stockholm 100 metres (wind: -0.3)
1. Christine Arron (FRA): 11.11 
2. Chryste Gaines (USA): 11.13
3. Torri Edwards (USA): 11.25
4. Zhanna Block (UKR): 11.34
5. Ottey, Merlene (SLO): 11.45
6. Inger Miller (USA): 11.48
7. Karin Mayr-Krifka (AUT): 11.58
8. Endurance Ojokolo (NIG): 11.67

Merlene Ottey at the press conference Monday

4 August 2003: Merlene Ottey attends press conference in Stockholm
Today it was yet again confirmed that Merlene Ottey still is one of the biggest stars in athletics - being able to attract public attention - when she participated in the official press conference before DN Galan in Stockholm on Tuesday. Merlene took part together with Jonathan Edwards, Tim Montgomery and four of the Swedish stars of which Merlene spoke highly Carolina Klüft.


Merlene Ottey and Carolina Klüft at the press conference


The start list of the women's 100 metre race tomorrow has already been published and can be seen at the DN Galan website

In an article the Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, reports that Merlene Ottey still is a star (having 443 victories behind her). 

At the press conference she stated that she loves her new home country Slovenia and the people, who are really openminded and down-to-earth. This is one of the reasons why she still competes: "It has given me new energy". "It will be a new challenge for me to try winning a medal for Slovenia"
On her relations with Jamaica Ottey said that she still goes back 2-3 times a year: "I am not being met with hostility and I believe that people in Jamica still appreciate me as an athlete"
She also thanks her love of the sport for being able to still compete among the world's elite: "Without the joy you are not able to keep the motivation. Furthermore I try to protect my body and avoid injuries".
On Athens Ottey said that her participation is depending on keeping form and staying free of injuries: "It is not realistic to believe in a medel, but you never know"
At the moment she is concentrating on the World Championships in Paris: "I wanna run around 11 seconds before Paris and I think I will be able to beat some of the other girls here in Stockholm", said Ottey.



2 August 2003: Two wins in the pocket for Merlene in Ebensee
Merlene Ottey stayed in Austria after her performance at the Intersport Gugl-Meeting in Linz and today won two races at a small meet in Ebensee/Salzburg. She won a 100 metre heat in 11.33 sec. but withdrew from the final in order to concentrate on running a 200 metre race, which she won in 23.31 sec. In the 200 metre race her Slovenian compatriot Kristina Zumer was second in 24.04 sec.

1 August 2003: Merlene Ottey to run in tough field at DN Galan
Merlene Ottey will run against a very strong field at the IAAF Super Grand Prix in Stockholm this coming Tuesday. Meeting director Rajne Söderberg says "it's a very impressive field of runners who have won 36 Olympic and World Championship medals" (most of them have actually been won by Merlene Ottey). "It's a great honour to once again present Merlene to the Stadium audience. She has been here four times and is very popular and still very competitive". The greatness of Merlene can be described in numbers such as six Olympic-and World Championship gold titels, nine silver and twelve bronze medals. She has run 67 sub-11 races and the average of her ten fastest races is 10.80! (quotes from DN Galan website). 
Other great sprinters in the race will be Zhanna Block (World Champion), Christine Arron (European record holder), Debbie Ferguson (Commonwealth Champion), Chryste Gaines (Olympic relay gold medalist) and Torri Edwards. 

Merlene Ottey running at Ebensee on 2 August

31 July 2003: Two second places for Merlene at the Linz Grand Prix
Merlene Ottey had some great starts in Linz but had to settle for two second places at the Intersport Gugl-Meeting. Ottey, who already won four times in Linz (first time in 1989), said after her races: "It felt great. Good for the conditions. I wasn't first of course, but they were good races, good training. I've had a difficult season with a few injuries and a lot of setbacks. And after trying forever to run under 23 seconds, and here it comes in the rain, when you least expect it" (quote from IAAF). Ottey confirmed that she will contest both sprints at the World Championships in Paris.

Linz 100 metres (wind: 0.3)
1. Mayr-Krifka, Karin (AUT): 11.25
2. Ottey, Merlene (SLO): 11.28
3. Lalova, Ivet (BUL): 11.48
4. Feusi, Martina (SUI): 11.57
5. Pastuschenko, Olena (UKR): 11.62
6. Bikar, Alenka (SLO): 11.67
7. Schneeberger, Jenifer (AUT): 12.05

Linz 200 metres (wind: 0.0)
1. Mothersill, Cydonie (CAY): 22.89
2. Ottey, Merlene (SLO): 22.98
3. Lalova, Ivet (BUL): 23.05
4. Pastuschenko, Olena (UKR): 23.43
5. Ivanova, Lucie (SVK): 24.02

Due to vacation I am not able to update the website with Merlene's result from Linz before Wednesday 6 August. Go to for the results of the meeting.
Jakob Nielsen, Webmaster & Fanclub Administrator.

30 July 2003: Ottey going for a 2003 double in Linz
After a few weeks without big athletic meetings everything starts to pick up again with the Intersport Gugl-Meeting in Linz (Austria) tomorrow evening. Merlene Ottey will be there for the 100 metres and trying to make a 2003 double in Linz. She already won the 60 metres race at the Intersport Indoor meeting in Linz on 7 March 2003. The start list for the women's 100 metre race is not yet available but can be find on the day of the meeting at There will be transmission on Eurosport from 19.00 (CET) and the women's 100 metres is scheduled for 20.35 (CET). 

29 July 2003: Upcoming athletic events in Slovenia
Upcoming events in Slovenia are the National Championships on 9-10 August and the meeting "Ljubliana International" on 12 August. More at:

28 July 2003: Ottey holds position on the 100 metre world ranking
On the latest IAAF World Rankings Merlene Ottey holds her position in 17th position, which she has had for the whole of July. The list is stil topped by Marion Jones, who has not run since 2002 due to pregnancy.

27 July 2003: Ottey's race in Estonia cancelled - Linz race confirmed
Sadly it has been announced the Merlene Ottey will not run on Wednesday at the IAAF Area Permit meeting in Tallinn (Estonia). Instead Merlene Ottey has been confirmed as being on the start list of the 100 metres at the Intersport Gugl-Meeting in Austria on Thursday 31 July. 

25 July 2003: Ottey wins twice in Italy and Slovenian team sets national relay record
At the Meeting Citta' Di Pergine in Italy today Merlene Ottey ran in the 100 metres. Early in the evening she won her heat in 11.51 sec. and 3½ hours later she won the final in 11.37 sec. 
At the same small meeting in Trento four other Slovenian girls (Alenka Bikar, Maja Nose, Kristina Žumer and Radmila Vukmirovic) set a new national record in the 4 x 100 metre relay by running 43.91 sec. The time was an improvement of no less than 0.90 sec. of the previous national record set earlier this year. The time is also one of the fastest by any national team this season. The European 4 x 100 metre top list of 2003 looks like this: 
1. France 42.62 sec. 
2. Ukraine 42.96 sec.
3. Germany 43.13 sec.
4. Russia 43.14 sec.
5. Belgium 43.47 sec.
6. Slovenia 43.91 sec.

Apart from these countries and different US university teams only USA (42.55 sec.) and Jamaica (43.56 sec.) have recorded faster races in the 2003 season.

24 July 2003: Server problems
The server ( hosting the Merlene Ottey website has been restructured during the last week, which explains why it has not been possible to update the webiste. I excuse for the inconvinience. Jakob Nielsen, Webmaster & Fanclub Administrator.

21 July 2003: Ottey tops Slovenian rankings
The Slovenian women's Top 5 this season for the two sprint distances can be found below - with Merlene Ottey topping them both. The Slovenian National Records for 100 (11.21 sec.) and 200 metres (22.76 sec.) are held by Alenka Bikar and was both set in 2001. It is not yet decided which athletes will represent Slovenian at the World Championschips.

100 metres:
11.22     0,6     OTTEY Merlene                 60    MASS    1h2     07.06.2003 Velenje
11.51     0,6     BIKAR Alenka                    74    OL          2h2     07.06.2003 Velenje
11.56     0,6     ŽUMER Kristina                 80    MASS   3h2     07.06.2003 Velenje
11.80    -1,6     NOSE Maja                         82    ŠEN        2h1     24.05.2003 Celje
11.83     0,6     VUKMIROVIČ Radmila     79    GO         4h2     07.06.2003 Velenje

200 metres:
23.06     0,6    OTTEY, Merlene                  60    MASS     2       22.06.2003 Velenje
23.58    -0,4    BIKAR, Alenka                    74    OL         2h2     08.06.2003 Velenje
23.83    -0,7    NOSE, Maja                          82    ŠEN         3       01.06.2003 Ljubljana
23.94     1,3    ŽUMER, Kristina                 80    MASS     1       14.06.2003 Maribor
24.77    -0,4    VUKMIROVIČ, Radmila     79    GO         4h2     08.06.2003 Velenje

16 July 2003: Ottey to run at track meet in Estonia in two weeks
As preparation for the World Championships Merlene Ottey will run the 100 metres at the Area Permit meeting in Tallinn (Estonia) on 30 July. 


14 July 2003: Ottey 17th on the 100 metre world ranking
The latest IAAF World Rankings puts Merlene Ottey in 17th position. See:

11 July 2003: Ottey 8th in Rome - Sturrup wins again
Merlene finished a somewhat disappointing 8th in the 100 metre race at the Golden League meeting in Rome. After some disturbance during the start the field finally got away third time round. Chandra Sturrup seems to be in magnificent form as she won and set a new season's best with her winning time of 10.89 sec. She is therefore still in the contention for the Golden League jackpot after wins in Oslo, Paris and Rome. 

Rome 100 metres - A race (wind: 0.0)
1. Chandra Sturrup: 10.89 WL
2. Kelli White: 10.99 
3. Torri Edwards: 11.05 PB
4. Muriel Hurtis: 11.10 SB
5. Chryste Gaines: 11.13
6. Debbie Ferguson: 11.23 
7. Marina Kislova: 11.26
8. Merlene Ottey: 11.31
9. Juliet Campbell: DNF

Rome 100 metres - B race (wind: -0.4)
1. Inger Miller: 11.17 
2. Mercy Nku: 11.22 SB
3. Kim Gevaert: 11.25
4. La Tasha Jenkins: 11.27
5. Agne Vysockaite: 11.29 NR
6. Mary Onyali: 11.38
7. Karin Mayr-Krifka: 11.38 SB
8. Daniela Gragila: 11.60 SB
9. Wennet Dube: 11.62

10 July 2003: Ottey to start in A race in Rome
The start lists for the Golden League meeting tomorrow evening, the Golden Gala, are now available. Merlene will run against the best 100 metre field this season as she will be in the A race together with among others Chandra Sturrup and Kelli White.

9 July 2003: Ottey to continue running until Athens
Merlene's coach, Srdjan Djordjevic, states today in the Croatian newspaper Jutarnij that Merlene Ottey wants to continue running on the circuit until the Olympic Games in Athens next year. "If she will be in the form she is now, she definitely is going to Athens. If her condition worsens, she won't attend the games", Djordevic said. Ottey herself (43) says that age does not bother her: "I am still hugely motivated even though I compete with athletes twice as young as me. Still, I think the games in Athens will be my last competition", Ottey told the newspaper. 

7 July 2003: Ottey wins Zagreb Grand Prix
Merlene Ottey tonight put yet another Grand Prix victory in her already big basket of victories in the IAAF Grand Prix Series over the the last 18 years. At the IAAF Grand Prix track meet in Zagreb she won in front of a packed stadium in ideal summer conditions. She overcame a slow start and ran home in 11.42 seconds, but the field was rather weak. "It's good to win but I'm not happy with the time, I should have run a much faster race", she said after her performance. Merlene still believes she has something to say in athletics at the top level and is pacing her form for the upcoming World Championships in Paris. "My goal is the World Championships, and if I peak at the right time there is no telling what can happen".

Result (wind: 0.0):
1. Ottey, Merlene (SLO): 11.42
2. Mayr-Krifka, Karin (AUT): 11.49
3. Pillay, Geraldine (RSA): 11.55
4. Daigle, Angela (USA): 11.57
5. Hewitt, Lauren (AUS): 11.68
6. Bikar, Alenka (SLO): 11.69
7. Rukavina, Ria (CRO): 12.15
8. Markt, Rahela (CRO): 12.17

Merlene Ottey running in Zagreb

30 June 2003: Welcome to the latest members of the Merlene Ottey Fanclub
A warm welcome to Maureen, Sebastian, Helmut, Anja, Karlheinz, Andrea, Markus and Mario, who all joined the Merlene Ottey Fanclub during the month of June. See the list of all 510 fanclub members at:

27 June 2003: Ottey may run in Rome
It is reported in Slovenia that Merlene Ottey may run the 100 metres at the Golden League meeting in Rome on 11 July. See: 

25 June 2003: Ottey jumps to 19th on World 100 metre Ranking
The latest IAAF World Rankings puts Merlene Ottey in 19th position - up 3 places from the latest rankings on 16 June. See: 

24 June 2003: Summary of American and Caribbean Trials
Over the past weekend, when the Europeans arranged the European Cup, several countries on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean had their Trials for the upcoming World Championships in Paris. Top 3 at the Trials normally qualify and below you can see which American, Jamaican and Bahamian athletes will probably be the main competitors for Merlene Ottey at the World Championships.

US 100 metre final (wind: -1.1)
1. Kelli White: 10.93 PB
2. Torri Edwards: 11.13
3. Gail Devers: 11.16 SB
4. Inger Miller: 11.17
5. Chryste Gaines: 11.21
6. Angela Williams: 11.23 SB

Jamaican 100 metre final (wind: 0.4)
1. Aleen Bailey: 11.08 PB
2. Elva Goulbourne: 11.20 PB
3. Beverly McDonald: 11.24
4. Judith Kitson: 11.26
5. Kerron Stewart: 11.41
6. Daniele Browning: 11.48

Bahamian 100 metre final (wind: ?)
1. Chandra Sturrup: 11.01 SB
2. Debbie Ferguson: 11.??
3. Timica Clarke: 11.44 PB
4. Shandria Brown: 11.60
5. Christine Amertil: 11.67

The challenge in Paris from European sprinters will mainly come from World Champion Zhanna Block (SB = 11.13) and former European Champion Christine Arron (SB = 11.07). Those two women had a great battle at the IAAF Super Grand Prix Tsiklitiria in Greece tonight, when Arron after a bad start closed down on Block to win the race in 11.09 sec.
US Trials:
Jamaican Trials:
Bahamas National "Open" Championships: 

21-22 June 2003: One win and one seasons best for Merlene at the European Cup
Merlene managed to win yet another 100 metre race on homeground in Slovenia at the European Cup - though she was not able to improve on her season best as she ran 11.25 in a slight headwind (-0.5). Over 200 metres, where she replaced Alenka Bikar, Merlene finished 2nd behind the Ukranian athlete Maydanova, but she set a new season best and ran her fastest 200 metre race since 1999 by running 23.06 sec.

100 metre result (wind: -0.5)
1. Merlene OTTEY (SLO): 11.25
2. Anzhela KRAVCHENKO (UKR): 11.44
3. Jacqueline POELMAN (NED): 11.71 SB
4. Elvira PANCIC (YUG): 11.76
5. Lucia IVANOVÁ (SVK): 11.80
6. Severina CRAVID (POR): 11.81
7. Monika GACHEVSKA (BUL): 11.85
8. Hana BENESOVA (CZE): 11.90

200 metre result (wind: 0.6)
1. Maryna Maydanova (UKR): 22.70 PB
2. Merlene OTTEY (SLO): 23.06 SB
3. Jacqueline POELMAN (NED): 23.37 SB
4. Lucia IVANOVÁ (SVK): 23.38
5. Monika GACHEVSKA (BUL): 23.42 SB
6. Hana BENESOVA (CZE): 23.89 SB
7. Elvira PANCIC (YUG): 24.20 PB
8. Severina CRAVID (POR): 24.43

Merlene also participated for Slovenia in the 4 x 100 metre relay, but the Slovenian team did not finish. The race was won by Ukraine in 43.27 sec. The total result of the European Cup First League Group B put Slovenia in 6th place with 86 points and Merlene Ottey secured Slovenia 15 of those points by running the sprint races. Group B was clearly won by Ukraine with 125 points. More at:

19 June 2003: Zhanna Block speaks highly of Ottey
Merlene Ottey will have a re-match against World Indoor Champion Zhanna Block at this weekend's European Cup in Velenje, where they will be up against each other in the 100 metres. The Ukranian speaks highly of Ottey in her athletes journal on the IAAF website - quote: "For the first time in nine years I will run in the European Cup, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This will also be my first trip to the country which I am looking forward to as I hear it is beautiful. This should be an interesting competition as two great ladies of track and field which I respect very much will also take part. I am talking about Merlene Ottey who is perhaps the greatest female sprinter of all times and a woman who has so much grace and class and Jolanda Ceplak, the World indoor record holder who has become a friend during the past year and is someone who has worked very hard for everything she has achieved. They should both be in the Slovenian team."

See Merlene's record in races against Zhanna Block (41-8): Head-to-head (Europeans)


18 June 2003: 3 days to European Cup in Slovenia
Merlene Ottey will participate for Slovenia in this weekends European Cup. Slovenia is on homeground in Velenje for the European Cup First League Group B. The other teams in the women’s competition are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Ukraine and Yugoslavia. Merlene Ottey will run in the 100 metres (lane 5) on Saturday at 19.40. Later on at 21.35 she will be part of the Slovenian team in the 4 x 100 metres (lane 2).

More at: 


16 June 2003: Merlene jumps to 22nd on IAAF World Rankings
Merlene makes a fantastic jump to the 22nd position on the latest IAAF World Rankings. Due to injury problems in 2002 and the maximum count of two indoor meetings for the score (see the rules), Merlene has not been able to get enough points for the rankings earlier this year. But after her 5th place at the IAAF Super Grand Prix (Golden Spike) in Ostrava and thanks to her great indoor season she now comes straight into the Top 50 at the womens short sprint rankings. The Top 5 is as below:

1. (1). Marion JONES (USA) 1392 points
2. (3.) Tayna LAWRENCE (JAM): 1337 points
3. (2.) Zhanna BLOCK (UKR): 1331 points
4. (4.) Chryste GAINES (USA): 1322 points
5. (5.) Debbie FERGUSON (BAH): 1308 points
22. (-) Merlene OTTEY (SLO): 1203 points

The overall ranking for women is topped by 100 metre hurdler Gail Devers (1398 points) ahead of sprinter Marion Jones (1394 points) and 400 metre runner Ana Guevara (1393 points).

12 June 2003: Ottey fifth in Ostrava
Merlene made a somewhat disappointing return to the international outdoor circuit at the IAAF Super Grand Prix (Golden Spike) in Ostrava. Her latest performance in Velenje on 7 June had promised more, but a 43 year old being able to run 11.41 sec. over 100 metres is still a magnficent achievement. In the Ostrava race Ottey got a mediocre start and was trailing behind her younger competitors. Her traditional strong finish was lacking and she finished closely behind the Top 3. Commonwealth champion Debbie Ferguson of the Bahamas won a clear victory in 11.20 sec. 

Result (wind: -0.2):
1. Debbie Ferguson (BAH): 11.20 sec.
2. Juliet Campbell (JAM): 11.30 sec.
3. Endurance Ojokolo (NGR): 11.34 sec.
4. Mary Onyali (NGR): 11.39 sec.
5. Merlene Ottey (SLO): 11.41 sec.
6. Karin Mayr (AUT): 11.51 sec.
7. Lucie Ivanova (SVK): 11.74 sec.
8. Lenka Fickova (CZE): 11.91 sec.

Report at: and 

11 June 2003: Startlist for Ottey’s 100 metre race in Ostrava
On Thursday evening Merlene will participate in the "Jan Slanina Memorial 100 metre race" at the IAAF Super Grand Prix (Golden Spike) in Ostrava (Czech Republic). She will be up against Commonwealth champion Debbie Ferguson and will be looking to erase the meeting record of 11.16 sec. by Jarmila Kratochvilova. The meeting will be transmitted on Eurosport at 21.45 (CET) and below you will find the start list (lanes):
1. Winner of B-race
2. Karin Mayr (AUT, 1971): PB = 11.23, 11.18w (2002)
3. Endurance Ojokolo (NGR, 1975): PB = 11.06 (2001)
4. Debbie Ferguson (BAH, 1976): PB = 10.91 (2002)
5. Merlene Ottey (SLO, 1960): PB = 10.74 (1996)
6. Juliet Campbell (JAM, 1970): PB = 11.15 (2002)
7. Mary Onyali (NGR, 1968): PB = 10.97 (1993)
8. Lucie Ivanova (SVK, 1980): PB = 11.56 (2003)

More at:

10 June 2003: Merlene Ottey selected to run at the European Cup for Slovenia
Merlene Ottey has been selected to represent Slovenia in the 100 metres at the upcoming European Cup. The event will take place on 21-22 June in Velenje in her new home country Slovenia. The other teams in the European Cup 2nd Division are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovak Republic and Ukraine. The other sprint distance – the 200 metres – will be run by Alenka Bikar. Merlene Ottey (SB = 11.22 sec.) will also be representing Slovenia in the 4 x 100 metres, where she will team up with Alenka Bikar (SB = 11.51 sec.), Maja Nose (SB = 24.26 sec.) and Kristina Žumer (SB = 11.56 sec.) (Reserve: Radmila Vukmirovič, SB =24.83 sec.). The Slovenian record of 44.82 sec. is under threat.

7-8 June 2003: Ottey improves and wins again
Merlene Ottey gave herself another confidence boost ahead of this year's World Championships by running to victory over both 100 and 200 metres at a meeting in Velenje, which is part of Slovenia's National Cup. She won the 100 metres on Saturday in a new season’s best (and World Age Records) of 11.22 sec and on Sunday she won the 200 metres in 23.45 sec. Merlene stated: "Race after race I have had better results. I am looking to arrive at 11 seconds soon. If I want good results in Paris at the World Championship then I need to go under 11 seconds."

100 metre result:
1. Merlene Ottey (Mass) 11.22 sec.
2. Alenka Bikar (Oli) 11.51 sec.
3. Kristina Žumer (Mass) 11.56 sec.

200 metre result:
1. Merlene Ottey (Mass) 23.45 sec.
2. Alenka Bikar (Oli) 23.58 sec.
3. Kristina Žumer (Mass) 23.95 sec.

The 11.22 sec. makes Ottey no. 17 on the world list and no. 3 on the European list.
See the reports from the first and second day of the Slovenian National Cup in Velenje.

24-25 May 2003: Merlene makes season debut in strong head wind
Merlene Ottey has made her season debut at a small meeting in Celje (Slovenia). She ran the 100 metres on Saturday in 11.40 sec. and the 200 metres on Sunday in 23.33 sec. The wind conditions are reported to have been very bad, as it was head wind from -1 m/s to -4 m/s. Both Merlene's times are World Age Records (43). The two-day meeting was a competition between Slovenian clubs for both men and women. Merlene Ottey’s club " Mass Ljubliana" finished third overall for women behind "AK Gorica Nova Gorica" and "Kladivar". In the 4 x 100 metre relay Merlene Ottey ran first leg for the MASS Ljubliana team (OTTEY 1960, ŽUMER 1980, TAJNIKAR 1985 and PEČNIK 1987), which won in 46.21 sec.

100 metre result (wind: -1.6?):
1. Merlene Ottey (Mass): 11.40 sec.
2. Maja Nose: 11.80 sec.

200 metre result:
1. Merlene Ottey (Mass): 23.33 sec.
2. Maja Nose (Kla): 24.26 sec.
3. Radmila Vukmirovič (Gor): 24.83 sec.

The 100 metre result is the 6th fastest by a European this season and the 200 metre result is the 5th fastest. See [Thanks to fanclub member Jernej Cankar for information about this meeting]

23 May 2003: 500th member of the Merlene Ottey Fanclub
A big celebration for the Merlene Ottey Fanclub today as member no. 500 have joined the internet based fanclub that was founded on 1 December 1999. A very special welcome to Miljan Vukasinovic of Belgrade in Serbia and Montenegro, who was the 500th member to join the fanclub. See the list of all 500 fanclub members at:

22 May 2003: Ottey to run at Ostrava Super Grand Prix
It has been announced today that Merlene Ottey will make her first appearance on the international outdoor circuit at the IAAF Super Grand Prix (Golden Spike) in Ostrava of the Czech Republic on Thursday 12 June. In her career Merlene Ottey already participated in one meeting at the Ostrava stadium and won the 100 metre race in 11.18 sec. On the meeting website ( Merlene Ottey states (telephone interview): "I remember that meet, the people were very friendly. I must admit I would be happy to run similar time also in 2003 but I will not be easy. My training is going well and my goal is to achieve some national records for my new country and also qualify for the finals in Paris. Maybe I can also try for a medal, but we will see". "Yes, I like Slovenia. We have all sorts of climate available and many people are speaking english". On the question of until when she will run Ottey replied: "I want to be in Athens and then I will definitely stop". The race will be Merlene’s first outdoor international race for the last two years because of the injuries she has suffered. Until then she will run twice for her slovenian club.

16 May 2003: Merlene Ottey to concentrate on 100 metres in 2003
Merlene's manager Renee van der Harst states to the fanclub that she will probably concentrate mainly on running the 100 metres in the 2003 season. Where her season debut will take place is still unknown. Merlene Ottey trains mainly in Slovenia but also goes to Italy or Austria to prepare herself for the outdoor season, where her main focus will be the World Championships.

10 May 2003: Merlene celebrates her 43rd birthday
Merlene Ottey will celebrate her 43rd birthday under private circumstances. Her exact whereabouts is unknown.

6 May 2003: Merlene Ottey trains for the outdoor season
Merlene Ottey is at her training base in Slovenia at the moment to prepare for the 2003 outdoor season. She trains with the training group of Srdjan Djordjevic, which is mainly comprised of sprinters and jumpers.

29 April 2003: Link update
Fanclub Member Baldwin Samuels has changed the link of his website (formerly: The new link for Talawah Jamaican Track & Field is: 

22 April 2003: Update of Fanclub Members' List
The Fanclub Members' list has been updated and can be found at: We are now counting 491 members since the fanclub was founded in 1999. It would be interesting to see if we can reach 500 members by Merlene Ottey's 43rd birthday on 10 May 2003.


21 April 2003: Merlene Ottey training on the Canary Islands
During the easter holidays Merlene Ottey has spent some time on the Canary Islands. She trained at the Estadio San Fernando, where an athletics club from Norway also had arranged a training. A picture was taken with Merlene and some of the Norwegian girls, who found it very inspiring to have a star like Merlene on the same track. 
(Source: Firdaposten)

Merlene Ottey with young Norwegians at Estadio San Fernando 
(photo: Rune Osa)

10 April 2003: Marion Jones is pregnant
The IAAF website today publishes a story telling that World and Olympic Champion Marion Jones is expecting a baby. Therefore she will miss the World Championships in Paris in August. The baby is expected in July and the father is 100 metre world record holder Tim Montgomery. Best wishes to Marion and Tim!

More at: 

31 March 2003: Merlene Ottey in Top 10
The publication of the top lists of performances in the 2003 indoor season features Merlene Ottey as no. 10 on the 60 metre list and no. 90 on the 200 metre list. Merlene's best 60 metre's time was 7.17 sec. which she ran on two occassions - the time is both Slovenian indoor record and world age indoor record (42). Merlene only ran once over the 200 metre distance when opening her season with 23.93 sec. She hopes to be able to train more over this distance in prepartion for the outdoor season. 

20 March 2003: Merlene confident about the future
Merlene Ottey is confident about her athletics future after the World Indoor Championships. She felt that she could have used a couple of weeks of extra training in order to produce a top result in Birmingham. But she still has intentions of running for Slovenia in both the World Outdoor Championships in Paris this August and in next year's Olympic Games. 


Merlene Ottey at the 2003 WIC in Birmingham

14 March 2003: Ottey fourth at World Indoor Championships
Merlene Ottey came fourth in the 60 metre final at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham. Big favourite Zhanna Block won the final with a big margin after a mediocre start. Block was extremely happy afterwards and very satisfied that she decided to run indoors for the first time in 10 years. The two Americans Williams and Edwards got the best start and Ottey closed in on them over the last 20 metres, but was not able to get within reach of the medals.  

Speaking about her success and longevity, Ottey stated: "I guess I've got good genes. Plus I look after myself". Read the article by Duncan Mackay: "Ageless Ottey narrowly misses another medal" at: 

1. Zhanna Block (UKR): 7.04 sec. (WL)
2. Angela Williams (USA): 7.16 sec. (SB)
3. Torri Edwards (USA): 7.17 sec. (PB)
4. Merlene Ottey (SLO): 7.20 sec.
5. Karin Mayr-Krifka (AUT): 7.23 sec.
6. Marina Kislova (RUS): 7.26 sec.
7. Joice Maduaka (GBR): 7.34 sec.
-. Sevatheda Fynes (BAH): DNS

Zhanna Block wins the women's 60 metre final in Birmingham (Merlene Ottey in blue on lane 5).

Earlier in the day Merlene had won her heat in 7.21 sec. and later on one of three semifinals in 7.17 sec. More results at  

60 metre semifinal (1 of 3): 
1. Merlene Ottey (SLO): 7.17 sec. (NR/SB)
2. Torri Edwards (USA): 7.20 sec. (PB)
3. Natasha Mayers (STV): 7.23 sec.
4. Chandra Sturrup (BAH): 7.24 sec.
5. Heather Samuel (ANT): 7.30 sec. (NR)
6. Mercy Nku (NIG): 7.37 sec.
7. Philomena Mensah (CAN): 7.39 sec.
8. Petya Pendareva (BUL): 7.46 sec.

Other qualifiers from the semifinals:
1heat2: Zhanna Block (UKR): 7.08 sec. (WL)
2heat2: Marina Kislova (RUS): 7.20 sec.
1heat3: Karin Mayr-Krifka (AUT): 7.18 sec.
2heat3: Sevatheda Fynes (BAH): 7.19 sec.
3heat3: Angela Williams (USA): 7.19 sec.
4heat3: Joice Maduaka (GBR): 7.19 sec. (PB)

60 metre heat (1 of 5):
1. Merlene Ottey (SLO): 7.21 sec.
2. Karin Mayr-Krifka (AUT): 7.25 sec.
3. Agné Visockaité (LTU): 7.26 sec.
4. Natasha Mayers (VIN): 7.27 sec.
5. Mercy Nku (NIG): 7.39 sec.
6. Erica Marchetti (ITA): 7.41 sec.
7. Silvienne Krosendijk (ARU): 8.32 sec.

Other heat winners:
Heat 2: Angela Williams (USA): 7.19 sec. 
Heat 3: Torri Edwards (USA): 7.21 sec.
Heat 4: Joice Maduaka (GBR): 7.32 sec.
Heat 5: Zhanna Block (UKR): 7.16 sec.


12 March 2003: 60 metres at World Indoor Championships on Friday
World Indoor Championships - programme for Friday 14 March: 
11.15 - Women's 60m Round 1
16.18 - Women's 60m Semi-Final
18.10 - Women's 60m Final

More at and There will be transmission on Eurosport.

10 March 2003: Merlene's main rivals in Birmingham
After her victory in Linz on Friday Merlene Ottey can be said to be among the favourietes for a place in the final and maybe on the podium for the women's 60 metres at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham. The 60 metre heats, semifinals and final will all be taking place on Friday 14 March. 

The big favourite for the gold medal is Ukrainian Zhanna Block if she decides to run. Equal world fastests women Veronica Campbell and Muriel Hurtis (7.09 sec.) either does not run or concentrates on the 200 metres. In any case there seems to be a lot of contenders for the medals. Merlene's other main rivals for the medals will be American champion Angela Williams (7.16 sec.), Sevatheda Fynes of the Bahamas (7.14 sec.), Karin Mayr (7.17 sec.)  and the two French girls, Sylviane Felix (7.19 sec.) and Christine Arron (7.17 sec.). Questionmarks surround the strength of three Eastern Europeans namely Mariya Bolikova (7.11 sec.), Natalya Safronnikova (7.16 sec.) and Marina Kislova (7.17 sec.). Furthermore it has not been confirmed if European 100 metre champion Ekaterini Thanou will run; though she has not run so far this season. 

8 March 2003: Merlene Ottey is 8th fastest female sprinter in 2003
On the latest list on top performances over 60 metres this indoor season (published at the IAAF website), Merlene Ottey figures in an equal 8th position after her race in Linz, where she set a world age record of 7.17 sec. Three women share the fastest time in the world this year (7.09 sec.).



Name Country Birthday Place




Veronica Campbell


15 05 1982


Norman, OK

01 02 2003



Zhanna Block


06 07 1972



02 02 2003



Muriel Hurtis


25 03 1979



23 02 2003



Mariya Bolikova


23 05 1977



25 02 2003



Sevatheda Fynes


17 10 1974



28 02 2003



Natalya Safronnikova


28 02 1973



24 01 2003



Angela Williams


30 01 1980


Boston (Rox), MA

01 03 2003



Marina Kislova


07 02 1978



30 01 2003



Karin Mayr-Krifka


04 06 1971



07 02 2003



Christine Arron


13 09 1973



23 02 2003



Merlene Ottey


10 05 1960



07 03 2003



Philomena Mensah


11 05 1975


Salt Lake City, UT

25 01 2003



Chryste Gaines


14 09 1970


Boston (Rox), MA

01 03 2003

14. 7.19 Sina Schielke GER 19 05 1981 1 Leipzig 23 02 2003
14. 7.19 Sylviane Félix FRA 31 10 1977 3 Linz 07 03 2003

7 March 2003: Merlene Ottey victorious in Linz
Merlene Ottey casted grace on and really showed what a fantastic competitor she is at the Intersport Indoor meeting in Linz (Austria). The favourites got an equal start in the 60 metre final with Ottey leading slightly. Austrian Karin Mayr closed in at the line, but Ottey made a last effort and thereby outdipped the strong Austrian and new French indoor champion Sylviane Felix. It took some time for the organizers to declare Ottey as the winner and she took a victory lap together with Karin Mayr.  

After the race Merlene Ottey was satisfied with her time saying "it is going in the right direction". Touching on injury problems Ottey stated "to come back and run well is good for me". Asked about her future plans she said that she wants to compete at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham next week and hopefully at the World Outdoor Championships in Paris in August. Merlene admitted that she might be crazy to still be running, but she has a passion for the sport and like to set challenges for herself, which keeps her motivated. And as long as she can still win races she will find it difficult to stop. Therefore she is not ruling anything out after August 2003 - though depending on how much she can train without injuries. 

Merlene gave many interviews after the race. On the IAAF website the following is reported: "That start," she said in a self-deprecating tone. "That's what makes the 60 so tough for me." Ottey continued, explaining that her recovery from a knee operation forced her into a conservative indoor season, with no 200 planned. "But I hope to run it outdoors."

60 metre final: 
1. Merlene Ottey (SLO): 7.17 sec. (WR42)
2. Karin Mayr (AUT): 7.18 sec.
3. Sylviane Felix (FRA): 7.19 sec.
4. Anzhela Kravchenko (UKR): 7.27 sec.
5. Olena Patushenko (UKR): 7.29 sec.
6. Bettina Müller (AUT): 7.29 sec.
7. Melanie Paschke (GER): 7.35 sec.
8. Eniko Szabo (HUN): 7.40 sec.

60 metre heat 1: 
1. Sylviane Felix (FRA): 7.20 sec.
2. Karin Mayr (AUT): 7.21 sec.
3. Alenka Bikar (SLO): 7.31 sec.
4. Anzhela Kravchenko (UKR): 7.38 sec.
5. Eniko Szabo (HUN): 7.48 sec.
6. Jennifer Schneeberger (AUT): 7.62 sec.
7. Doris Röser (AUT): 7.69 sec.
8. Lucie Martincova (CZH): 7.82 sec.
60 metre heat 2:
1. Merlene Ottey (SLO): 7.23 sec.
2. Bettina Müller (AUT): 7.30 sec.
3. Olena Patushenko (UKR): 7.33 sec.
4. Melanie Paschke (GER): 7.34 sec.
5. Nora Ivanova-Güner (TUR): 7.50 sec.
6. Hanna Benesova (CZH): 7.68 sec.
7. Birgit Janda (AUT): 7.82 sec.

4 March 2003: Merlene's new manager
For the 2003 season Merlene Ottey has a new manager, Renee van der Harst. He can be contacted at +31 651 704 142.

1 March 2003: Merlene becomes Slovenian Indoor Champion
At the Slovenian Indoor Championships in Ljubliana Merlene Ottey secured herself the 60 metre title by winning the final in 7.34 sec. Earlier in the day she had won her heat in 7.32 sec.
Merlene has also been selected to represent Slovenia for the first time at a major international championship, namely the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham in two weeks. She will run the 60 metres together with Radmila Vukmirovič (SB = 7.40 sec.). Alenka Bikar will run the 200 metres in Birmingham.

Combined result of the 60 metres
1. Merlene Ottey, MASS (1960): 7.32 sec.
2. Kristina Žumer, MASS (1980): 7.53 sec.
3. Maja Nose, ŠEN (1982): 7.62 sec.
4. Pia Tajnikar, MASS (1985): 7.73 sec.
5. Nina Kovacic, POS (1984): 7.86 sec.
6. Anja Azman, TRK (1983): 7.96 sec.

27 February 2003: Merlene to start in Linz next Friday
Merlene will make her next appearance at the Intersport Indoor meeting in Linz (Austria) on Friday 7 March. Earlier in her career Merlene Ottey has amazed the crowd in Linz at the outdoor Gugl Meeting. This time in Linz she will run the 60 metres and she is very much looking forward to improving her seasons best time of 7.18 sec., which she ran in Gent. This great time promises another good race at the fast Mondo track in Linz. 

Merlene's main competitor will be her former Jamaican teammate Tanya Lawrence, who won the bronze medal over 100 metres at the Olympic Games in Sydney and later joined Merlene Ottey in winning the relay silver medal. Tanya Lawrence was ranked fourth in the world over 100 metres in the 2002 outdoor season and has a personal best time over 60 metres of 7.20 sec. Merlene's best time is 6.96 sec. (ex-WR) and the fourth fastest ever.  

The meeting will be transmitted on Eurosport on Friday. See also:

11 February 2003: Merlene no. 6 on the 2003 60 metre list
The great race that Merlene Ottey produced in Gent has placed as the 6th fastest women in the world this season over 60 metres. Go to the statistics section of to se the full list, which is topped by Veronica Campbell (JAM) and Zhanna Block with 7.09 sec. 

9 February 2003: Belgian TV appearance by Merlene
After the meeting in Gent Merlene Ottey later participated in a sports TV show on the Belgian TV Channel VRT1. A report on the show will be published shortly. 

9 February 2003: Superb running by Merlene in Gent
Merlene Ottey beat the cream of European sprinting at the Energizer Euroseries meeting in Gent by finished second in the 60 metre final. In the heat she improved her seasons best time from Vieanna to 7.23 sec and among others beat European indoor champion, Belgian home favorit, Kim Gevaert.

As the commentator on Eurosport said: "Merlene Ottey is not over - she is not finished yet". She certianly showed that again in the final, where she was only beaten by World Champion (100 metres) Zhanna Block, who had to run a world-leading time to beat Ottey. Block ran 7.09 sec and Ottey was less than 1/10 behind in 7.18 sec. That time is a new World Age Record and Merlene thereby finished ahead of European Champion (200 metres) Muriel Hurtis and double European bronze medallist, Manuela Levorato. Once again Merlene Ottey has proved what a world class athlete she is: year in year out has she been able to compete and run great times among the best in the world. Merlene's running over the latter stages of the races gives good hopes for the rest of the indoor season and the upcoming outdoor season. 

1. Zhanna Block (UKR): 7.09 sec. (WL)
2. Merlene Ottey (SLO): 7.18 sec. (WR42)
3. Murielle Hurtis (FRA): 7.20 sec.
3. Johanna Manninen (FIN): 7.29 sec.
4. Anzhela Kravchenko (UKR): 7.30 sec.
2. Ester Möller (GER): 7.31 sec.
4. Nora Ivanova-Güner (TUR): 7.32 sec.
8. Manuela Levorato (ITA): 7.39 sec.

Heat 1: 
1. Zhanna Block (UKR): 7.10 sec.
2. Murielle Hurtis (FRA): 7.20 sec.
3. Johanna Manninen (FIN): 7.24 sec.
4. Anzhela Kravchenko (UKR): 7.26 sec.
5. Alenka Bikar (SLO): 7.30 sec.
6. Joice Maduaka (GBR): 7.36 sec.
7. Katleen De Caluwe (BEL): 7.44 sec.
8. Odiah Sidibe (FRA): 7.52 sec.
Heat 2:
1. Merlene Ottey (SLO): 7.23 sec.
2. Ester Möller (GER): 7.26 sec.
3. Manuela Levorato (ITA): 7.28 sec.
4. Nora Ivanova-Güner (TUR): 7.28 sec.
5. Kim Gevaert (BEL): 7.28 sec.
6. Mercy Nku (NIG): 7.35 sec.
- Karin Mayr (AUT): DQ (false start)

Go to for news and results from Gent. 

7 February 2003: Start lists for the 60 metre race in Gent
Merlene Ottey will be up against the best of the European athletes at the Energizer Euroseries meeting in Gent, Belgium. The start lists for the heats are as follows:

Heat 1: 
Lane 1: Odiah Sidibe (FRA)
Lane 2: Katleen De Caluwe (BEL)
Lane 3: Johanna Manninen (FIN)
Lane 4: Zhanna Block (UKR)
Lane 5: Murielle Hurtis (FRA)
Lane 6: Anzhela Kravchenko (UKR)
Lane 7: Joice Maduaka (GBR)
Lane 8: Alenka Bikar (SLO)
Heat 2:
Lane 1: No athlete
Lane 2: Nora Ivanova-Güner (TUR)
Lane 3: Manuela Levorato (ITA)
Lane 4: Kim Gevaert (BEL)
Lane 5: Merlene Ottey (SLO)
Lane 6: Karin Mayr (AUT)
Lane 7: Ester Möller (GER)
Lane 8: Mercy Nku (NIG)

4 February 2003: Release of Fanclub Newsletter 30
Newsletter 30 brings you the latest news on Merlene. 

29 January 2003: Merlene will run in Gent
Merlene Ottey will be running at the first of the four Energizer Euroseries meetings in Gent, Belgium, on Sunday 9 February 2003. The event will be transmitted on Eurosport with start at 14.30. The race will be Merlene's fourth in Gent after she won there in 1992 and 1993 and finished second in 1995 (Merlene withdrew in 2001 due to a heel injury).

Merlene Ottey is the latest addition to the start list in Gent and the 60 metre race promises to be the best this season in advance of the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham (England) in March. The start list already contains World 100 metre champion Zhanna Block, European indoor and outdoor 200 metre gold medallist Muriel Hurtis, Belgium’s own Kim Gevaert (double European outdoor sprint silver medallist from Munich) and European indoor silver medallist Karin Mayr. Double bronze medallist from Munich Manuela Levorato is also added to the start list.


28 January 2003: Merlene stars in Vienna
At the "ASVÖ 2003" meeting Merlene Ottey made a come back to the indoor circuit with races over 60 and 200 metres. The races were the first for Merlene since running outdoors in Italy in August 2002. Merlene won her heat over 60 metres and later went on to set a world age record (7.30 sec.) in the final by finishing a tied second with her new Slovenian team mate, Alenka Bikar. The race was won by Austrian Bettina Müller.

Merlene also ran in a 200 metre race and again finished second. The result was:
1. Jekaterina Tosheva (Bulgaria): 23.75 sec.
2. Merlene Ottey (AD MASS Slovenia): 23.93 sec.
3. Elisabeth Niedereder (PSV Prefa Wels): 27.53 sec.



Race winner Bettina Müller and Merlene Ottey out of the blocks for the 60 metres. 

60 metre final:
1. Bettina Müller (1973, LCC WIEN) 7,29 sec
2. Alenka Bikar (1974 Slovenia) 7,30 sec
2. Merlene Ottey (1960 AD MASS Slovenia) 7,30 sec
4. Nora Ivanova (1977 LCC WIEN) 7,35 sec
5. Kristina Zumer (1980 AD MASS Ljubljana) 7,52 sec
6. Elke Wölfling (1971 LCC WIEN) 7,54 sec
7. Ria Rukavina (1979 AK Mladost Zagreb) 7,65 sec
-. Jekaterina Tosheva (1979 Bulgaria) no time
60 metre heat 1:
1. OTTEY, Merlene 60 AD MASS Slovenia 7,39 sec
2. GERMANN, Betina 76 KLC 7,76 sec 
3. ROSZA, Zsofia 85 HONVED Budapest 7,83 sec 
4. TOMITZ, Nina 87 DSG/UKJ Wien 8,15 sec
5. AMBROZ, Katharina 84 AC WIEN 8,26 sec
6. LUTSCHINGER, Lisa 82 ULC Weinland 8,30 sec
7. MIC, Lisa 86 ÖTB Wien 8,63 sec

26 January 2003: Merlene will run in 2003 - season debut in Vienna
Merlene Ottey is confirmed to open her 2003 season a a meeting in Vienna, Austria this Tuesday. The meeting is the "ASVÖ-indoor 2003", which takes place in the Ferry-Dusika-Hallenstadion, where Merlene Ottey has been training often. The organisers describe Merlene Ottey as star of the meeting.

Information about time schedule and start lists at the meeting website

1 January 2003: Happy New Year
The Merlene Ottey Fanclub wishes everyone a happy new year! News on Merlene's plans for 2003 are awaited. We all hope to see her back on the circuit for a full season and the eventual participation in the World Championships for Slovenia. 

News from the year 2002 can be read at: jmno-news2002.htm


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